Colostomy Care Videos

A lot of times it is easier to learn and understand how to do something by visually being shown the steps rather than reading about them, so we have collected some colostomy care videos from around the internet (YouTube) for this purpose. Topics range from how to change a colostomy bag, colostomy supplies and how they work, showering, swimming and colostomy irrigation.

Compared to other health topics, there are relatively few videos out there dealing with ostomy or ostomy care, other than those showing the actual colostomy surgery. We are not going to gross anyone out by showing the surgery videos as we understand that those are not going to appeal to everyone. However, some of the videos below do show actual patients caring for their stomas and dealing with their waste materials. If you are uncomfortable watching others do these sort of things then you may wish to skip those particular videos. That information will be in the description below each vid.

None of the individuals, products or companies appearing in the videos below are affiliated with this site. They were kind, generous and brave enough to put these videos together and share them with the public in hopes of helping others. Some of them may seem like an advertisement for a particular product, but we included those to show that patients have options for their colostomy care needs and might find the products or the demonstration on how to use them helpful.

(There are a number of embedded videos below. They might take a little while to load for those on slower internet connections)

How to Change Your Colostomy Pouch

This first video is a great demonstration and walk through of how to change an ostomy bag. This postive young women shows how she changes her pouch for her ileostomy. Her old bag, which is partially full, is removed and she then proceeds to clean around her stoma, prepare the site and her supplies, then apply a new bag. She does a great job of explaining her steps plus gives some tips she has found that work for her. Overall great video for those that would like to see what is involved in this process.


This next one covers basically the same topic as the first only it is geared towards nursing patients and instead of using a real patient they perform everything on a test dummy. Still very informative and helpful.


This video was done by a patient who adresses a popular question he often gets asked; “Does it feel odd to change your colostomy bag?” He does a great job of trying to answer that question and runs down some of the products that he uses that help him. He does zoom in on his stoma and shows the condition of the skin surrounding it.


This last video on changing a colostomy bag is a straight forward “How to” demonstration. No one talks, but there are text instructions and tips that show up to describe exactly what she is doing. It shows how to quickly and efficiently change out a bag no matter if you are at home or caught out somewhere else. It is all about being prepared. She does show her stoma and some output from her bag as it is removed.


Bathing, Swimming and Travelling

This is a brief video where an ileostomy patient shares his experience about showering with their pouch. Clothes are kept on, and he shows his bag a couple of times when demonstrating a couple of points.


This video is done by one of the generous patients from above and discusses his experiences with swimming and travelling with his ostomy. Again, he makes very informative presentations and is open and honest about what he found has worked best for him.


Colostomy Irrigation

We also posted this video at the bottom of our colostomy irrigation article. A patient demonstrates what the process entails and shows you step by step. If you are uncomfortable watching someone drain their waste then this video might not be for you. Those with a descending or sigmoid stoma who may be looking for an alternative to having to deal with colostomy bags and supplies might want to look into irrigation as an option.


NHS Production

The final video is a put forth by the National Health Service in the UK. This 30 minute production is quite professionally made and covers a wide range of topics for ostomy patients. From living with an ostomy, to the role of a stoma nurse, to various types of ostomy appliances that may aid a patient in caring for their stoma. It includes interviews of both medical professionals and patients. It is extremely educational, especially for new patients.

Hopefully, some of these colostomy care videos will prove helpful in both practical and inspirational terms for some of you. Look for similar types of postings in the future as we believe video is a entertaining way to learn and share information.